En la pagina web de Irex ponen que la nueva version estara operativa en abril. He copiado las novedades:

In addition of the DR800S software release IREX Technologies is proud to announce the new software for the DR1000S, the release of this software will take place at the same time as the DR800S software. (formal release expected in April)
Before reading the changes we would like to make a firm warning:

  • When updating the software please use a different SD card, all notes on the old SD card will be over written and unable to be used again. Before updating, make a full backup of your SD card. Your old notes will still be viewable.
  • Flashing the software forward (2.0) and backward (1.71) will be possible, for this please keep a copy of the old software on your system and install when needed, this will give you the option to read your Mobipocket books and old notes.

General Information
This major release for the DR1000S synchronizes the Digital Reader software platform to a single code-base.
It features the upgraded clear look and feel of the Digital Reader 800, adds an overall improved responsiveness of the GUI and features Adobe® Reader Mobile™ 9.1 EPUB and PDF rendering (including DRM support).
Detailed Features and Improvements

  • Completely new DR800-style GUI, including new Menu
  • Many performance improvements making the GUI much more responsive
  • Minor improvements to Power Management have been made
  • DR800-style views (Books, News, Images, Personal Documents) in Content Browser in addition to “SD Card” folder browsing
  • ‘Recently Added’ view in Content Browser
  • Search in Library (to locate a file) based on metadata
  • Documents are shown with their Title and Author in the Content Browser (instead of filename)
  • A dedicated Notepad Application which adds the possibility to insert pages and rename the Note. This replaces the old templates.
  • Adobe RMSDK 9.1 EPUB and PDF rendering engine, including B&N EPUB support and PDF reflow
  • Support for opening password-protected PDF documents
  • Added Greek GUI translations
  • Automatic indexing of title, author and thumbnail when a file is added to the device

Limitations / Regressions
In addition to the features and improvements above, there are unfortunately also some regressions from the v1.7.1 release. For this reason we will keep the older firmware versions available for download.

  • The PC Companion Software application does not work anymore. There is currently no way to merge scribbles or safely rename a file on the PC.
  • Mobipocket Support (both DRM and non-DRM) has been removed in favor of Adobe DRM and EPUB (see previous posting on this subject)
  • Dictionary Support has been removed, because this relies on the Mobipocket format.
  • Shortcuts have moved to a subfolder of the Home screen, v1.7 shortcuts are not automatically converted.
  • The Toolbar is not configurable anymore but hard-coded. We aim to fix this in a future software release.
  • Automatic ‘Hide Margins’ zoom factor is not available anymore. We aim to improve this in a future software release.
  • Template support has been removed in favor of the new Notepad application. We aim to add different templates (lines, squares, …) to the Notepad application in a future software release.

Switching between documents using tabs, scribbling on PDF documents, and selection zoom are still available.
Edit: changed warning about SD card and notes, and added clarification on features that did not disappear.