Aqui tenemos una nueva version de firmware para este ereader; la verdad que pensaba que ya lo habían olvidado :

Dear IREX User,

Herewith we would like to inform you that a new software release is available for your IREX Digital Reader 1000S.

What’s new in software release 1.7?

These Release Notes cover what is new in the software release 1.7 and provide the download and installation instructions.

This software release is part of an ongoing process to extend the functionalities of the IREX Digital Reader 1000 series and to enhance the overall performance to ensure an optimal digital reading experience for our customers.

Tabbed task manager
With the Tabbed Task Manager you can quickly switch between open files, applications and the last opened folder.

Spanish and Italian language support
Support for Spanish and Italian has been added. You can change your preferred language in the settings menu.

USB Charger detected
The device will now automatically detect when a USB wall charger is connected and it will no longer ask to export to the PC in this case.

Bug fixes
· Fixed bug where setting the date or time would crash the device

· The Main LED is now always on when lights are switched off in the settings.

· Various small bug-fixes

Download and installation instructions for software release 1.7

Automatic update using IREX companion software

If you use the Microsoft Windows operating system, the Updater will download and store the firmware on your SD card automatically.

Please follow these steps:

1. Connect the device (switched on) to your PC and choose [Yes] on the "Now Charging..." message to export the SD card to your PC.

2. The Companion Software will start automatically, or can alternatively be started by Opening "My Computer" and double-clicking the "iRexDR1000" disk.

3. The Companion Software will detect the new firmware and ask you to download it. Choose [Yes].

4. After successful download, close the Companion Software and choose "Safely Remove Hardware" on your computer.

5. On the device, the update procedure will start automatically; your device will reboot to install the new firmware and reboot again after successful completion.

6. You can verify the new firmware version in Settings > About.

Manual download and installation for all operating systems

For users of Apple/Linux based PC’s, you will have to manually download and extract the firmware update onto your SD card.

Please follow these steps:

1. Download

2. Extract/copy the contents of this file to the root of your SD card (either while connected via USB, or by inserting the SD card into your PC's card reader). Make sure that the System folder in the ZIP is extracted to the root of the card, creating a folder called 'update' inside your current System folder on the SD card.

3. Put the SD card into your device or disconnect the USB cable.

4. The device will detect the new firmware and ask to install it. Choose [Yes].

5. The update procedure will start and automatically complete, your device will reboot with the new firmware.

6. You can verify the new firmware version in Settings > About.

Technical Support

If you experience problems with the installation please create a ticket at our support website:

Kind regards,

The IREX Team

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